Bird Mesh

>Strong & durable.
>Ultraviolet Stabilized.
>Easy to fix & remove.
>Fixing done on Stainless Steel Hooks.
>Dust – Free.
> Anti-Rust & Anti-Corrosion Nets

Bird Nets are for preventing birds from reaching certain areas. It provides a discreet and impenetrable barrier that protects the premises without harming the birds. Bird protection netting comes in a variety of shapes and forms, The most common is a small mesh (1 or 2-cm squares) either extruded and bi-oriented polypropylene or woven polyethylene.

The color most used is black (as the carbon black UV inhibitor offers the best protection against solar rays), but also bird netting may be available in other colors like white (usually white netting is woven or knitted and has an even smaller mesh size as it will serve as a double purpose anti-hail net for the protection of fruits during summer hail storms or late spring during flowering) or green (usually used in home gardening and mostly sold at retail outlets for the DIY farmers).

Professional anti-bird netting comes in jumbo rolls that offer considerable savings to farmers or aquaculturists. Retail chains and local stores will offer smaller packages that fit the backyard gardener’s needs.

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