Pleated Mesh

>Quality : Premium & Good.
>Visibility : Good Visibility.
>Maintenance : Very easy.
>Installation : Easy to install on Wooden,
>Aluminium & Upvc Frame.
>Durability : Long Lasting.
>Nature : Insects Proof, Dust Proof and Water Proof.
>Completely sealed around the doors using custom made magnetic strips and weather piles.

GM Mosquito pleated screens are designed to give you barrier-free specification, making it an ideal choice for screening all types of openings. We have pleated screen options for doors and windows.

Elegant design and easy-to-use mosquito screens suitable for doors, balconies, and French doors. This offers an innovative and functional solution to screening large openings while protecting your home from annoying insects.

The Pleated range is stylish, It features an innovative pleated mesh design that enables effortless opening and closing while increasing the screen life. This Mesh is effortlessly making it very easy to use. The screen door can be installed even on large doorways creating a very effective insect barrier.

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