Pet Mesh

>Heavy gauge polyester material to help resist the damage from pets' claws or children playing.
>“6 times” stronger than standard insect screening.
>Its extra strength is ideal for outdoor patio or verandah areas.
>Black colour minimises sun glare.
>UV stabilised for increased longevity.

The pet mesh screen is a pet screen that has been recently released by GM Nets for the purpose of giving pets more fresh air, allowing them to enjoy outdoor life without getting fleas and pests.

The mesh is easy to install and remove, which can be done in minutes, and it can be removed without damaging your home. It doesn’t require any tools or screws, you just need to use the included adhesive tape.

Mesh pet barriers, or screens, are usually made of mesh fabric that is stretched over a frame of wire.

Pet mesh screens door is more like an extension of the worry-free, no-mess safety zone your pup already has in your home. They are designed to make an invisible barrier to keep pets from running out into the street or making contact with strangers.

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