Velcro Mosquito Mesh

These type mosquito net is widely used as attachable detachable mosquito mesh, which is very economical, durable, rust free and easy washable. The Velcro tape has been used as a major part in this type. The fiber-glass mesh will be cut as per the measurements of the required windows/ventilators.
The loop of the tape has been well sewed to four sides of the mesh and the normal type hook of the Velcro tape will be stapled (1 stapler pin / 3 to 4 inches) on the outer wooden frame of the required windows/ventilators.
If the window/ventilator is an aluminium or UPVC, then the sticker type hook (which is quite expensive than the normal type) will be pasted by applying durable SR glue on the outer frame. It gives protection from mosquitoes, flies and other tiny insects.

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